Tuesday, September 29, 2009

We began class with viewing the opening scene of the Stanley Kubrick film version of Lolita, which opens where the book essentially ends: with Humbert Humbert(James Mason) killing Clare Quilty(Peter Sellers). Its been some time since I've seen the film in its entiriety, perhaps I should watch it again. I remember thinking at the time that it was a rather cold film(being directed by Kubrick this really didn't suprise me), but mordantly comic in a way very similar to the tone of much of the novel. Being me I find it interesting to contrast various filmic presentations; James Mason and Jeremy Irons, for example or Peter Sellars and Frank Langella(who's not as funny or bizarre as Sellars, he plays more for the sinister creepy aspects of Quilty). Maybe I will when I'm feeling more patient.

The rest of class people shared the discoveries they had made.

Connection of H.H. with Peter Pan(he's never really grown up)

Lo's dead father is Harold E. Haze(H.H. !) When Humbert marries Charlotte he gives his name as Edgar H. Humbert. Poe reference and more doubling.

Jared shared his discovery that HH's destroying lust has, by the end of the novel with its closing passage, metamorphised into genuine love. This is something I actually think is very accurate, and good to point out.

The huge amount of alliteration contained in the book(just listening to the alliterations it began to sound like Finnegans Wake).

Gray Hairstreaked butterfly--alluded to by the car doors opening on pg 97

Phineas Quimby--Quilty alias, and 19th century hypnotist.

And Kyle's mammoth, in-depth, investigation on Fast Day in New Hampshire and the places that ended up leading. I was really very suprised and impressed. Oh N. you sly old dog you!

And by next Tuesday, we must come with a good test question.

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