Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Today was the first day of the class for Vladimir Nabokov, which contained, eeirly(sic?), the same class-list as poem that one finds in Lolita. There were so many wittily matched words and names and letters(three A's in a row, four names begining with Z, some with names that were the same from the novel)that you'd have thought that it was made up. But it wasn't...and yet..."One of those coincidences that poets love and logicians loathe"--V.

Our first assingment(other than to begin reading Speak Memory)is to write about our first memory(because memory and time are Nabokov's two central concerns). I intend to do this at a time in the near future, where I can put down as many of the recallable details as possible since details are what matter to Nabokov so very much.

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