Thursday, November 19, 2009

The second and final day for discussion of Transparent Things(only two days to go with the two T's!). One thing of which we can be completely sure is that "mysterious mental maneuver" will be on the final exam, as will this quote from Oscar Wilde which is as emblematic of N's art as of his own: "All art is both surface and symbol."

I really found the obscure interview with N about Transparent Things(in which he basically explains almost all of the book's structure which nobody got, let alone liked)to be very piquant: he goes through the interview being as upfront as an author can be about the intentions of his creation, and then says at the conclusion that his books are written for his family, a few smart friends and readers and Adam von Librikov. Another one of his anagrammatic pseudonyms. Oh N you little prankster!

And I wouldn't have thought about drawing parallels between Transparent Things and Vertigo(between Hitchcock and N. it did occur to me, but not these two things), but it is really a striking resemblance to be found. Wonders never cease.

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